Ukraine - 2009
Україна - 2009
Kyiv                                Kyiv city map

Known as the 'mother of Slavic cities', Kyiv has plenty to offer from
both the nation's lavish past and its new trappings of
independence. Roam the cobbled streets and gain a valuable
insight into the Ukraine's tragic history with a visit to the Chernobyl
Museum. Another must see is The Lavra, which is the city’s single
most fascinating and extensive tourist site. Don’t forget to leave
some time to visit St Sophia’s cathedral, St Michael’s church,
Podil, and Maydan Nezalezhnosti. Travelling around the city is
easy using the


Mysterious, edgy and architecturally lovely, Lviv boasts that it's
Ukraine's least Soviet city. It may have a point. The city's Unesco
World Heritage-listed centre was built like a rich layer -cake of
neoclassical architecture upon rococo, baroque, Renaissance and
Gothic styles. There's nary a concrete Soviet apartment block in
sight (in the centre at least), and it has a deep-rooted coffee-
house culture that is oh-so-central European. Be captivated by the
gracefully crumbling facades of Lviv's Old Town. Work up an
appetite for delicious Ukrainian borscht with a walk through
medieval Rynok Square or maybe up to High Castle Hill.


Stay with a local family and join in with the cooking of Ukrainian
delicacies. Peruse exquisite folk art including pysanky - eggs
decorated with elaborate designs dating back to pre-Christian
times. Located near the borders of Romania, Poland, Hungary and
Slovakia, the Carpathians hold an eclectic mix of Eastern
European cultures. Appreciate the immense natural beauty of this
region with a hike in the hills.

Chernivtsi city map

Admire the crumbling architecture of this once magnificent city.
Especially worth mentioning is the university with its stunning red


Dramatic, breathtaking and stunning are just a few words to
describe this picturesque corner of Ukraine. The old town and the
stunning fortress are a must see. The old town is a wonderful
place to make your base so that you can enjoy the peace and
quiet once day visitors leave.

Odesa city map

You want sea they got sea. Its famous Potemkin Steps sweep
down to the Black Sea and Ukraine's biggest commercial port.
Odesa is a hedonistic city with plenty for the visitor to see and do.
From the wonderful architecture, to the many clubs that line the
beaches. Take the cable car that runs from bul Frantsuzsky down
to the beach then walk along Trassa Zdorovya. Stroll along bul.
Prymorsky to enjoy that wonderful pastime 'people watching'.
Local writer Issac babel claimed Odesa had 'more charm than any
city in the Russian Empire' and that's probably true in modern-day


A network of navigable canals has earned Vylkovo the moniker
‘the Venice of Ukraine’. The comparison is far fetched to say the
least. The sleepy fishing village of Vylkovo is as far removed from
Venice as one can imagine. What Vylkovo does have going for it,
however, is the wonderful Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve. The
largest section of this marshy, bird-laden reserve (Europe’s largest
wetlands) lies in Romania, however the Ukrainian side has few
foreign visitors those that do are rewarded with the opportunity
visit the delta’s unique waterways.
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